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About photography part 3

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I'm back with yet another post on photography, this time revolving around a little impromptu-shoot I had with ma bestie Angelina a few sundays ago. We decided to go down to the water and the old factory buildings that lie only seconds away from my house. It is truly a little gem, this area where the old industries used to be. And it's not often appreciated, if you ask me. It turned out to almost only be fashion - and portrait photos, but you know what? I don't mind the least bit. Of course it was all that much better having a ravishing, gorgeous, stunning  friend as your motive. It was one of those rare spring afternoons where the light through the lens completely reflected the light in real life, and all those manual settings were barely needed, except for if you were shooting against direct sunlight of course. I do hope you enjoy these too, and as I've mentioned I am progressing as an amateur photographer, I am by no means an expert and probably have lots to learn. And I can't wait to! I am seriously enjoying this, actually being able to understand my camera to the lengths it deserves!
The last six photos are by Angelina, crazy talented right??
Have a good one
xx Becka

Lost in Translation

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Beware, dear one single reader of this blog. For today will mark a very special day in the history of this tiny space in the cyberworld. As you might notice, the words appearing in front of you are no longer in Swedish. Hopefully you'll also notice and understand that they have been replaced to English. I do so wish this won't be all too confusing. Or that you'll be lost. This is however, a quite fitting change, ajoining the new name and aim of this blog. 
The origin of 'Lost In Translation', began - not so surprisingly - with my watching the movie Lost In Translation (by Sofia Coppola), in late 2011. This wasn't too long ago, but it was long enough ago to have made that very phrase important to me. Besides completely falling in love with the motion picture, I was surprised to realise it had made a larger impact on me than any other film. The reason being, that I simply felt it could be applied to many parts of my life and my experiences. I've had many encounters with being lost in translation. The first was moving to another country with a different language, at the age of eight. I was lost, not knowing how to speak the language or understand the culture (as is the ongoing theme in the movie). Then again, seven years later I'd moved to a foreign country once more. I wasn't as lost as I was the first time though, in fact this move I was able to appreciate. I fell in love with the country (Australia), its people and the life I lived there, just as I eventually had the first time around when I moved to England. 
The point is, I have been lost in translation for far longer than this blog might have made apparent, and it's time to make it so. Because in all of the places I've been lost, I've later found something much more important: a home. And now I can with great love and ease say that I have many places to call home. My wish is for the number to only ever grow. I love travelling, I love going to many, exotic places. Not because I find it hard to stick around in one place; quite the opposite! 
And later this year I am making another big move, searching for another place to call home. This time on my own (but with two very close friends). It's time this blog be the book to gather all old and new chapters in my travel diary. I really can't wait to be lost, yet again, in translation. Can you?
// ps. All of the above also explains why I am now writing in English.
See you later, alligator (in a while crocodile) 
xx Becka
PPS. This is the place I'm moving to!!!

Det här med fotografi, del 2

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Vi provar igen. Det här med att blogga. Också det här med fotografi, som jag känner att jag fått häng på de senaste månaderna. Mycket med hjälp av min fotokurs men också att jag vågat gå ut och prova mina kunskaper. Inte på 8 månader nu har kameran varit inställt på auto och det känns skönt. Jag har lekt lite med vinklar, skuggor och det roligaste av allt; att fotografera människor. 
Without further ado, enjoyyyy
Det här är lite improvement sen mitt Rhodos-inlägg och egentligen allt jag har tagit fram tills tidigare i år. Vill nog fortsätta i de här spåren.
Leverpastej / beczz