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About photography part 3

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I'm back with yet another post on photography, this time revolving around a little impromptu-shoot I had with ma bestie Angelina a few sundays ago. We decided to go down to the water and the old factory buildings that lie only seconds away from my house. It is truly a little gem, this area where the old industries used to be. And it's not often appreciated, if you ask me. It turned out to almost only be fashion - and portrait photos, but you know what? I don't mind the least bit. Of course it was all that much better having a ravishing, gorgeous, stunning  friend as your motive. It was one of those rare spring afternoons where the light through the lens completely reflected the light in real life, and all those manual settings were barely needed, except for if you were shooting against direct sunlight of course. I do hope you enjoy these too, and as I've mentioned I am progressing as an amateur photographer, I am by no means an expert and probably have lots to learn. And I can't wait to! I am seriously enjoying this, actually being able to understand my camera to the lengths it deserves!
The last six photos are by Angelina, crazy talented right??
Have a good one
xx Becka


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