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About photography, part 4

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After a day's worth of work I headed to my friend Olivia who lives in the neighbouring town some thirty minutes away. As I drove and dad navigated it was obvious really why we also were thirty minutes late. (Smartphone) technology just doesn't make sense to him. And absolutely not Google Maps, to say the least. I had an amazing day shooting alongside someone who is interested in advancing their photography skills actively as well. We made a huge discovery of a world tucked away behind her garden, involving abandoned 18th century houses and mansions along with a farm, a bridge and a pond all resembling bits and pieces from childrens' novels. Some portrait shots taken beside continuing on our adventure were a given. We lost track of time and saw we'd been out for a good two hours so we made our way back, ate lovely pancakes made by her dad and edited the pictures thoroughly. Around 10 pm it was time to say goodbye, and just as I was leaving the day decided to give us a parting gift and painted the sky with fiery reds and oranges in contrast to the blue and pink clouds of the setting sun. All in all, half a day definitely worth repeating, next time we'll do it on my home turf. Here follow SOME pictures from this afternoon (trust me, there were loads).  
That was that.
And now, for something completely different.
xx  /Becky


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