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Last one left / Some of my favourite people

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As of Friday two weeks ago I became the last one left not yet turned legal. Last Wednesday we celebrated this with Josefin's birthday and she threw together a barbeque in her backyard for us to come and enjoy. The weather was great and although the BBQ went on through the night the sunlight still shone bright. We made an impromptu long table out of the benches and tables we found in her garden. The mood was a bit strained as we were all so incredibly hungry and the meat wouldn't have being cut. So I had to intervene and tell Isabella that there really was no use trying to cut through the great bone she'd been struggling with, thus taking over the cutting-of-the-meat duties. 
All in all, a very good evening with some of my favourite people.
Love you all this much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
/ Becky


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