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Yay it's may! Although I am posting this on the 1st of June.... oh well. Better late than never. And anyway, I just liked the way it rhymed really. I've rediscovered a BBC series called Ashes To Ashes which is about time travel, kinda. It is genuinely good and I can't believe I haven't seen it like ten times over already. Moving on, the month of May has brought with it several great moments and weathers to shoot in, which is why I've brought my camera with me almost everywhere. So, about the fifth time in a row, this is going to be a photography-post. 
Hope you don't mind. 
And it is quite an eclectic mix of photographs too, with absolutely no connection to one another. More or less anyway. Hope they're enjoyable to some degree, I had fun taking them (and some are taken by my good friend Helen as well).
And then....... GREEK GYROS-DINNER!!! I was IN HEAVEN, or as Coldplay would sing "PARA-PARA-PARADISE"
And then....
We decided to play an AWESOME word-explanatory game called "Alias"
And that has been my last few days of May. Filled with lovely dinners and neighbours, friends coming to visit, sunsets, and a lot of Mediterranean food.
I think I'll do some more of these monthly catch-ups, they're really a great excuse to showcase the recent spontaneous photographs I take while claiming that they actually are contextually bound in some way.
xx/  Becky


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