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Last week I approached a whole new area of photography that I've had no previous experience in and in which I did not believe nor anticipate would actually generate good results. I had of course, tried to take self-portraits. Although I might have re-phrased it politely, what it just means is that I took some selfies. And tried desperately to make some of them focused, naturally exposed and by all means with my face within the photo, something that proved quite hard whilst holding a camera for twenty minutes and having to look in a mirror, also hoping that pushing the button would capture something good in return. I apologise for the stern, rigid and frankly quite unlike-me-face expressions. They're selfies. Poses are just natural human behaviour. Some of them actually turned out fine. And I'd like to share them with you. Eeek here goes; 
And yes, this is plainly narcissistic, I understand that. I am also completely fine with it.
xxx Bexx
Will probably regret this choice later


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