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About photography lately

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Been doing some spontaneous photoshooting involving wonderful people in my life that deserves to be showed to someone. I discovered a love for smoke and light, something I\d like to recreate and work with on its own and, unlike it is here, just a coincidence while we were preparing to go outside and shoot. Anyway, the result of this mysterious smoke I'm talking so fondly about turned out to be pretty amazing, especially when working with such a crazy cute model like Hanna. Also nice of her to participate. What more? Oh, Nina's been lending me her AWESOME lens that has an aperture down to F 1.8 - which is extremely low compared to my lowest 4. something. So I've been enjoying using that lately. Here follow the pictures.
Why so beautiful?
And lastely one of me taken by Nina during our Baileys-milkshake evening. It was nice and they were delicious.
So one cooking-disaster made way for some quite interesting pictures. Hope they're enjoyable / xx Becka

Patterns all around you, patterns never die

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 The person who gets that lyric line will be rewarded with digital kisses and hugs. 
Once upon a time, there was a 12-year old girl who used to watch Top Model on Tuesday afternoons. And once, she saw a picture from a photoshoot with one of the contestants that would be glued in her memory for a very, very long time. Since then she's had a dream to sometime be able to recreate that photo, and have the skills too. And recently, 6 years later, she had the chance to make the dream come true.
This is the result, I do hope that 12-year old girl would be proud.
/xxx becka


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Today I woke up at halv 7, just like any other day, ecxept today is a Saturday. I walked down the hill beside the road just like any other morning. The only difference Boeing that my usual right turned into a last left. Walking down the hill, it was as if the world was enclosed by fog. I descended deeper and deeper into the milky moist light until the world cleared up.

// xx and yawn


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So tonight was one of those lovely, eating dinner with your neighbours evening. Ate at the local pub on the corner, evening sun warming all of our faces. I had the vegetarian halloumi-burger, a first for me. Mainly I spent the time photographing all the little knick-knacks and corners this place has that I always fail to capture.
So, basically there were a lot of photos.
Here they are, summarising a delightful evening.
Sorry for mass-upload. 
Like I said, had a bit too much fun with my camera tonight.


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So, I've been thinking (oops! probably a bad move there already), how I've always tried to avoid falling into what I like to think as the "blah"-trap of blogging. You know, where you pressure yourself into posting and constantly writing something that your actual capacity to write something just minituarizes (yes it is a word). So one thing leads to the other and you've ended up writing the most mundane, vague things and only posting pictures of your local coffee-shop frappucino in an attempt to somehow keep your blog alive. And yes, I myself have fallen victim to the blah-trap many times over, not realising that I'm stuck in this rut of blogging. It's not so much writers' block as it is you losing perhaps the personality and goal of your blog all at once. At least that's how its felt for me. For me, the solution was to 1. Start writing in a language I'm more comfortable with (If it's escaped your attention: English). 2. Thinking of this blog as a creative outlet for myself rather than something that others are dependent on. With these two steps I feel that at least for me, this blog has developed some sort of purpose and found a valid place in my day-to-day life. 
Anyway, these are just random thoughts that maybe could be of help to someone feeling like they've been blah- trapped. 
PS. I DO still enjoy posting pictures of frappucinos.
Like so.
Cheerio bro/ XX Becka


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Yes! Very soon I aim to photobomb you all with snaps from my lovely trip to Madrid adjoined by my Spanish-class! UNFORTUNATELY, by my mistake of not bringing my real camera, I only have pictures from the phone. Not the highest quality, but they'll have to do! Anyways, to tempt you all I'll show a sneakpeek.