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About photography lately

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Been doing some spontaneous photoshooting involving wonderful people in my life that deserves to be showed to someone. I discovered a love for smoke and light, something I\d like to recreate and work with on its own and, unlike it is here, just a coincidence while we were preparing to go outside and shoot. Anyway, the result of this mysterious smoke I'm talking so fondly about turned out to be pretty amazing, especially when working with such a crazy cute model like Hanna. Also nice of her to participate. What more? Oh, Nina's been lending me her AWESOME lens that has an aperture down to F 1.8 - which is extremely low compared to my lowest 4. something. So I've been enjoying using that lately. Here follow the pictures.
Why so beautiful?
And lastely one of me taken by Nina during our Baileys-milkshake evening. It was nice and they were delicious.
So one cooking-disaster made way for some quite interesting pictures. Hope they're enjoyable / xx Becka


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