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A few

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Some pictures i've taken randomly during the past month.
// Becky

About photography, part 4

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After a day's worth of work I headed to my friend Olivia who lives in the neighbouring town some thirty minutes away. As I drove and dad navigated it was obvious really why we also were thirty minutes late. (Smartphone) technology just doesn't make sense to him. And absolutely not Google Maps, to say the least. I had an amazing day shooting alongside someone who is interested in advancing their photography skills actively as well. We made a huge discovery of a world tucked away behind her garden, involving abandoned 18th century houses and mansions along with a farm, a bridge and a pond all resembling bits and pieces from childrens' novels. Some portrait shots taken beside continuing on our adventure were a given. We lost track of time and saw we'd been out for a good two hours so we made our way back, ate lovely pancakes made by her dad and edited the pictures thoroughly. Around 10 pm it was time to say goodbye, and just as I was leaving the day decided to give us a parting gift and painted the sky with fiery reds and oranges in contrast to the blue and pink clouds of the setting sun. All in all, half a day definitely worth repeating, next time we'll do it on my home turf. Here follow SOME pictures from this afternoon (trust me, there were loads).  
That was that.
And now, for something completely different.
xx  /Becky

My favourite people

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This past weekend I had the privilege to hang out with my favourite people as they all came up for my graduation. Naturally, I took some pictures. Oh, and some are with my NEW CAMERA. It's a Canon EOS 600D, with a flip-screen and also a Tamron lens stretching from 70- 300 mm. It's simply amazing. And soon I'll post more pictures taken with it. Bloody heavy though. But for now, I have some pictures to show from the past few days.
xx Becky

A third home

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Around the world I have, as earlier mentioned on here, gathered small spots that lie especially close to my heart. A set of places I feel I can to some extent, actually call home. And Crete is one of those places. Sure, it's a tourist-populated island where most Swedes go on holiday. But that's also the only part of the island those people wish to discover. There is so much more to this little slice of heaven, this strip of land filled with everything you could possibly want and need. I truly believe I could spend my life there in a little cottage by the sea, someday when I'm older. It's almost getting hard to explain how much it means to me, how important it is to me that I can know I have Crete to come home to - for me it's not solely about getting away somewhere, it's actually coming home as well. It just happens to be both things in one. So instead of trying to get you to understand through text, I'll do what I've found I like to do best here - show you. 
These are from last summer - enjoy. It's beauty knocks me every time, and it's familiarity comforts me. And as always, blue is the warmest colour.
xx and hugs / Becky


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Last week I approached a whole new area of photography that I've had no previous experience in and in which I did not believe nor anticipate would actually generate good results. I had of course, tried to take self-portraits. Although I might have re-phrased it politely, what it just means is that I took some selfies. And tried desperately to make some of them focused, naturally exposed and by all means with my face within the photo, something that proved quite hard whilst holding a camera for twenty minutes and having to look in a mirror, also hoping that pushing the button would capture something good in return. I apologise for the stern, rigid and frankly quite unlike-me-face expressions. They're selfies. Poses are just natural human behaviour. Some of them actually turned out fine. And I'd like to share them with you. Eeek here goes; 
And yes, this is plainly narcissistic, I understand that. I am also completely fine with it.
xxx Bexx
Will probably regret this choice later

Prom 2014

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My friends recently attended their senior High-School ball, or Prom, as some would call it. And although I myself didn't go, I was made photographer at our pre-prom gathering. So I'd like to share some of the photos I took of my friends and their dates - everyone looked stunning of course and the weather was extremely generous to give us a nice 20 degrees throughout the day. 
I did take about 399 more but I thought showing all those would be overkill. Lovely people, lovely day and amazing bursts of laughter certainly made these photographs. Not forgetting, of course, all the frocks and dresses! Adore all of these people so much <3
xx Becky


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Almost all of my portrait-series lately have been of my mum, be it for school or my own. It really isn't so hard to figure out why though, she is one of the most beautiful people I know. If not the most beautiful. Although her lovely locks are not in fact mine as I have 90 degrees straight hair, I can definitely say that "I got it from my momma". 

Love you so much <3 *smooch* (imitates kiss)


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Yay it's may! Although I am posting this on the 1st of June.... oh well. Better late than never. And anyway, I just liked the way it rhymed really. I've rediscovered a BBC series called Ashes To Ashes which is about time travel, kinda. It is genuinely good and I can't believe I haven't seen it like ten times over already. Moving on, the month of May has brought with it several great moments and weathers to shoot in, which is why I've brought my camera with me almost everywhere. So, about the fifth time in a row, this is going to be a photography-post. 
Hope you don't mind. 
And it is quite an eclectic mix of photographs too, with absolutely no connection to one another. More or less anyway. Hope they're enjoyable to some degree, I had fun taking them (and some are taken by my good friend Helen as well).
And then....... GREEK GYROS-DINNER!!! I was IN HEAVEN, or as Coldplay would sing "PARA-PARA-PARADISE"
And then....
We decided to play an AWESOME word-explanatory game called "Alias"
And that has been my last few days of May. Filled with lovely dinners and neighbours, friends coming to visit, sunsets, and a lot of Mediterranean food.
I think I'll do some more of these monthly catch-ups, they're really a great excuse to showcase the recent spontaneous photographs I take while claiming that they actually are contextually bound in some way.
xx/  Becky

About photography lately

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Been doing some spontaneous photoshooting involving wonderful people in my life that deserves to be showed to someone. I discovered a love for smoke and light, something I\d like to recreate and work with on its own and, unlike it is here, just a coincidence while we were preparing to go outside and shoot. Anyway, the result of this mysterious smoke I'm talking so fondly about turned out to be pretty amazing, especially when working with such a crazy cute model like Hanna. Also nice of her to participate. What more? Oh, Nina's been lending me her AWESOME lens that has an aperture down to F 1.8 - which is extremely low compared to my lowest 4. something. So I've been enjoying using that lately. Here follow the pictures.
Why so beautiful?
And lastely one of me taken by Nina during our Baileys-milkshake evening. It was nice and they were delicious.
So one cooking-disaster made way for some quite interesting pictures. Hope they're enjoyable / xx Becka

Patterns all around you, patterns never die

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 The person who gets that lyric line will be rewarded with digital kisses and hugs. 
Once upon a time, there was a 12-year old girl who used to watch Top Model on Tuesday afternoons. And once, she saw a picture from a photoshoot with one of the contestants that would be glued in her memory for a very, very long time. Since then she's had a dream to sometime be able to recreate that photo, and have the skills too. And recently, 6 years later, she had the chance to make the dream come true.
This is the result, I do hope that 12-year old girl would be proud.
/xxx becka


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So tonight was one of those lovely, eating dinner with your neighbours evening. Ate at the local pub on the corner, evening sun warming all of our faces. I had the vegetarian halloumi-burger, a first for me. Mainly I spent the time photographing all the little knick-knacks and corners this place has that I always fail to capture.
So, basically there were a lot of photos.
Here they are, summarising a delightful evening.
Sorry for mass-upload. 
Like I said, had a bit too much fun with my camera tonight.

About photography part 3

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I'm back with yet another post on photography, this time revolving around a little impromptu-shoot I had with ma bestie Angelina a few sundays ago. We decided to go down to the water and the old factory buildings that lie only seconds away from my house. It is truly a little gem, this area where the old industries used to be. And it's not often appreciated, if you ask me. It turned out to almost only be fashion - and portrait photos, but you know what? I don't mind the least bit. Of course it was all that much better having a ravishing, gorgeous, stunning  friend as your motive. It was one of those rare spring afternoons where the light through the lens completely reflected the light in real life, and all those manual settings were barely needed, except for if you were shooting against direct sunlight of course. I do hope you enjoy these too, and as I've mentioned I am progressing as an amateur photographer, I am by no means an expert and probably have lots to learn. And I can't wait to! I am seriously enjoying this, actually being able to understand my camera to the lengths it deserves!
The last six photos are by Angelina, crazy talented right??
Have a good one
xx Becka

Det här med fotografi, del 2

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Vi provar igen. Det här med att blogga. Också det här med fotografi, som jag känner att jag fått häng på de senaste månaderna. Mycket med hjälp av min fotokurs men också att jag vågat gå ut och prova mina kunskaper. Inte på 8 månader nu har kameran varit inställt på auto och det känns skönt. Jag har lekt lite med vinklar, skuggor och det roligaste av allt; att fotografera människor. 
Without further ado, enjoyyyy
Det här är lite improvement sen mitt Rhodos-inlägg och egentligen allt jag har tagit fram tills tidigare i år. Vill nog fortsätta i de här spåren.
Leverpastej / beczz

Det här med fotografi

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Som ni ser har jag ändrat bloggens utseende lite, ville ha lite förändring bara. I och med foto-kursen jag går nu i trean så har jag i alla fall blivit mer intreserad av att lära mig mekaniken bakom att ta en bra bild, att lära mig hur jag kan uträtta det som jag ser på andras bloggar själv. Det har fångat mitt intresse och jag är troligtvis inte världsbäst på det än, men mina nyvunna kunskaper resulterade förr-förra veckan i en flummig klockan 9 på en skolkvälls- fotosession med Nina, en av mina bästa vänner och också inneboende hemma hos mig (också nämnd i mitt London- inlägg för några veckor sedan, PS, till mesta del ansvarig för fotona som togs där med). Supermysigt är det att ha henne här, en vän som man alltid kan gå ner till och prata med när man vill. Ganska lyx egentligen. 
Så vi bestämde oss för att bli varandras motiv att fota den kvällen, och här medkommer lite av resultatet.
Det får nog räcka för idag / ha det göttigt


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det blev en liten Rhodos trip med Anton, Bella och Jossan som vi taggat hela sommaren! här är lite bilder på vad som hände och vad vi gjorde.

menyn på el corazon..


Ringen och borgen runt Rhodos gamla stad

Bargatan på dagstid

Ja det var väl det ungefär.

Instagram weekly II

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Lite saker som har hänt genom min instagramlins de senaste veckorna:
Farmor och farfars matsal på Linnéplatsen i Göteborg.
Lite 50-talskänsla påväg till stranden i Påvelund.
Liten sneaky själv-bild genom en av IKEA's fina speglar och framförallt guldramar! Med nya monki-väskan vid min sida. 150 kr totalvärt om någon undrar.
Pimpat mina runda  Musse Pigg ASOS-glasögon för ett lite spexigare utseende till vardags-edgen.
Bror min på hans 13-årsdag. Här återupptäcker han sitt gamla Nintendo.
Ett fantastiskt tak på en herrgård vi stannade förbi innan vi åkte till Ronneby och till mormor.
Och sist men inte minst, ett lite fint budskap på Norska till er alla för att sprida min nya 17-års visdom.
Det var de senaste två veckorna det, hoppas ni har det gött, snart kommer nog lite mer bilder från Ronneby och Göteborgs-resorna. 
/ fortsätt simma folks

I London blev en del av mig kvar, London fånga mitt unga hjärta

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OK jag har inte lagt upp ett inlägg på länge. Men det bryr jag mig inte ritkigt om. Faktum är att bloggen för mig känns som en lite mindre personlig dagbok där jag kan lasta av det jag känner för när jag känner för det. Och just nu känner jag för det. Trots att sommaren är den årstid jag bland annat fyller år på och den jag brukar vara som lyckligast på med tanke på vädret så kan jag aldrig hjälpa att sakna saker. Jag saknar framförallt vintern och hösten och löven i alla olika färger och skidåkning och jul och advent och lussebullar. Men det jag saknar mest av allt är inte en årstid eller ett ting riktigt. Det är en stad, som ligger mig otroligt varmt om hjärtat. En stad som ligger i ett land jag känner att jag delvis tillhör. Ja, London måste vara en av mina absolut favoritplatser på jorden. Och innerst inne är jag väl lite av en Britt. Eller ja, ganska mycket kanske. Trots att den australensiska dialekten sviker det påståendet från tid till tid. Saknaden av denna stad och detta land har väl främst sin grund i den personen jag blir när jag är där. Varje gång jag är där känns det som att en liten pusselbit av mig själv sätts ihop med resten av mig och jag kan på något sätt vara precis den fulländade versionen av mig själv som jag vill/ska/bör vara. Jag kan verkligen se mig själv bli gammal där, leva ut mitt liv där. Innan jag har rest runt världen förstås. För att försöka få er att få grepp om hur mycket jag verkligen älskar den här staden, för att inte tala om personen jag var där med, bästa Nina, så följer lite bilder på vår april resa dit. Min nionde gång var det i denna förtrollande och samtidigt förbaskat kalla stad.

Rödhårig var jag.
Glada tjejoor på Urban.
 Och ja, ungefär så var vår London-resa april 2013 i 9 bilder.
Vi hörs/ hejsvejs

Iraklion, småstadsidyll och aircondition förkylning

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Igår var vi i Iraklion, ett jävlans jobb är det att köra dit men å andra sidan så satt ju inte jag precis bakom ratten. Än. Men bytet från småstad och lantliv till storstad och LIV är lite sällsynt för våra resor hit så detta var i sig en nyttig upplevelse för oss. Vi är ju så illa vana vid små orter som Fragokastello så storstadsbesöket var efterlängtat. Till en början. Framemot lunch och hungern kickade in när vi försökte hitta ett gyroshak landade vi på något sätt på ett turist ställe med en heroinist till servitör och en gyros med benknottor i till 99%. Trots detta så repades dagen, jag åt för 2a gången i mitt livet frusen yoghurt med jordgubbar och valnötter. Det var en förvånansvärt god blandning. Sen så shoppade jag en del, hehe.... Vissa grejer till kompisar, men mestadels till mig själv. Ska försöka lägga upp sen. Och så blev mamma sjuk av airconditonen så vi får se om det blir något besök till de arkeologiska utgrävningarna Festos och Ayia Triada imorgon. Här följer iaf lite bilder på dagarna

vi hörs/ ha det göööött

Blå som en gammal teservis

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Här är en snabbtitt på utstyrseln jag klär mig i denna dag.
Blev en hel monki - outfit på köpet.
Tröja - Monki // Byxor- Monki // Halsband -Monki

De senaste instagram veckorna

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